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Spider Gag, Oral Domination Toy

If you are a guy who loves to be the dominant partner in a relationship and also in sex, you have probably already tried out some bdsm games with your girlfriend or more likely, your horny fuck buddy. Most people try out some of these games at one point in their life or the other but many also go well beyond just regular curiosity and they start to explore this area of human sexuality. This is where they start to check out various types of sex toys. I myself have tried some bdsm games with a couple of girls in my time and even though I didn’t use handcuffs, I had lots of experience with tying knots so just regular shoelaces did the trick just nicely. However, there is one toy that I simply had to buy because it fits my deepest fantasies fully. It’s called a Spider Gag.

The title is somewhat revealing in the sense that you know that it is a mouth gag, but there is much more to Spider Gag than just shutting the mouth. In fact, it keeps the mouth open and ready for penetration! Unlike other types of gags, like the standard ball gag or those cylindrical types that are just meant to keep your submissive partner from speaking, the spider gag keeps the mouth open and allows for a phallic object to be inserted into the mouth due to a big ring in the middle. This allows you unrestricted access to your submissive partner’s throat and it gives you a degree of control that you can’t have otherwise. Of all the sex toys out there, the Spider Gag is the best choice for any couple that loves to play it rough, especially if the male is into oral sex, or irrumatio to be exact. It’s a popular toy for gay couples as well and it comes in a variety of sizes so that you can select the ring that fits your penis. There are also several types of spider gags, ranging from the regular ring types to those that look like some sort of dentist tools to keep the mouth as widely open as possible.

These also come with adjustable joints so that you can select how wide those jaws will be. In the world of sex toys there are plenty of ways in which you can go but if you are a fan of irrumatio and blowjobs and you also have a submissive partner, you will hardly find anything more fun than a spider gag. Because, let’s face it, what is the point of having someone bound and gagged if you can’t enjoy each of their orifices, right? I mean, getting to bang a tied down chick is all well and good but there is nothing quite like having the option to poke her tonsils with your dick with her not being able to do anything about it. If you like this sort of thing then you should look up various types of spider gags online and maybe even place an order.