Sex Toy Decision Making Blog

The Pros and Cons of Sex Toys

Topic of sex toys is a never ending story for many reasons. Opinions are divided and people are usually divided into two groups.  The groups are those who like sex toys and those who don’t. The group of people who don’t like sex toys is mainly consisted of people who never tried it and think of it as some sort of taboo. In the shortage of better fraise they are ignorant and they have all of the qualities of a puritan. But for those who tried it it’s like a whole new dimension of sex life had opened.  Sex toys give you a chance to be whoever you want to be, to role-play like a boss in short. The story of sex toys goes way back. The Romans were the kinkiest nation in the ancient times and they were quite enthusiastic when it comes to using sex toys.  All through history people were using sex toys of some sort to discover pleasures that were in other way unknown to them.

The people who use sex toys will tell you that it’s a natural and integral part of their life and that now, after trying the toys they can no longer imagine their life with ought it. It doesn’t have to be something very kinky, maybe some stockings or a leather corset, or something like that. The whole point of sex toys is to bring all your fantasies to life, and to make you comfortable with them. Not to feel any shame in desiring it. Many people deny themselves this kind of pleasure because of the worries of what others may think about them. I don’t think that people should worry so much about others and try to focus their effort on their selves and their happiness. If whipping your partner makes you and your partner happy then by all means, go for it. Stand up right now and go and purchase a whip. Buy two it you need them. Don’t let others dictate your life, especially your love life. I say this because what you do in the privacy of your bedroom is only your business and nobody’s other.  Whenever people ask me weather I use sex toys I say hell yea!

Of course then comes the strange look that in words can be described like “What the hell is wrong with this guy” and I just smile and day why don’t you try it, you might actually like it. Thankfully with the rapid rising of importance of internet in this modern day this topic is more and more talked about amongst people. One day I think people would be able to walk strait to a sex shop and with ought feeling any shame by whatever they want. No looking over your shoulder, no scanning around if your friends and relatives are looking, nothing. I just hope that I will be around when that day finally comes, just to look them in the face and say, told you so.  Love making is a beautiful thing and as such it should be experienced in all the ways possible.